Our mission

We see it as our mission to make insurances down-to-earth. Our motto is Keep everything as simple as possible but still smart

What does our mission mean?


More specifically, we provide insurance-related organisations with the opportunities and benefits of digital learning and assist them in developing their own customised strategy as well as help them implement the most recent ICT solutions. It must alway help to keep the costs down. That way it will benefit the customer.

On top of that, it means more transparancy and ease of use for the customer, and an increased efficiency and professionalism for the insurance intermediary.

Why would you work with us?


As a niche player, we have a team that has extensive experience in many aspects of the financial, insurance and ICT-related world. We therefore succeed in rolling out our insurance projects from concept to final product with high efficiency.

What are our challenges?


Every day we face the next challenge:

The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out. - Dee Hock

Who do we have a collaboration with?


We have a collaboration with the following partners:


Ethias, Corona Direct, Baloise Insurance, Allianz, Vivium, AG Insurance, FIDEA, Optimco, AXA, Europ Assistance, VAB, ZA Verzekeringen, Delta Lloyd Life (eStrategy, ZA life insurances), DKV, Arces, Touring Assistance, Touring Verzekeringen (TATV), Crédit Foncier, Record Bank, Elantis, Demetris, DAS, Euromex, LAR, Cardif, DELA Verzekeringen, Patronale Life, Callant Verzekeringen…