is a platform where the policyholder and insurer or intermediary meet. ensures that you can calculate and compare the price and conditions of your insurance policies.

What does do?


Since 2000 we ensure that policyholders can easily compare the price and conditions of their insurance policies. Thanks to our strong relationship with the insurance companies, we can always show the correct rates. And even better: the policyholders can get an insurance online.

Which insurances do we compare?


We compare the price and conditions of more than 15 different insurance policies. You will find a few examples of our insurance products below:

  • Car insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Motorcycle insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Bike insurance
  • Householders insurance

We have a separate calculation module for each type of insurance. Each module ask the necessary data from the user to calculate the correct price.

How does the comparison work?


Depending on the complexity of the insurance, we ask for more or less information from the policyholder. For example, we need more information for, for example, car insurance (type of car, type of coverage, damage history, driver profile etc.) than for travel insurance (number of people, destination and duration).


The comparison works like this:

  1. Details of the insured vehicle and / or the insured persons
  2. Type of coverage
  3. Contact details
  4. Quote overview

The users can choose to look at the quotes in detail, to adjust the comparison or to get an insurance online.

Can you be present on as an insurance broker?


You can indeed be present as an insurance broker on We have a search function with which the policyholder can search for an insurance broker in the neighborhood. You can easily create a profile via the BINEX tool.