ICT Services

ICT has remained our core business from the start. As time passed, we noticed that our ICT services could become a great addition to assurax and verzekeringen.be. It would not only benefit us but also the customer.


Java was our cup of programming tea from the beginning.  Not a goal on its own, but a great tool.  Today we have a solid and complete J2EE environment. We created our own framework appropriate for the finance and insurance industry. This makes it possible to solve similar issues faster and faster.

What do we have to offer?


In recent years, we have focused heavily on various packages and technologies. A sampling of our offer:

  • Liferay: one of the best-known Java portal technologies available on the market. Our portal sites verzekeringen.be and assurances.be are fully assembled in Liferay.
  • Alfresco provides us with document management of several applications. For exemple, Assurax’s policy management is fully integrated into Alfresco.
  • EdifactTelebib2 and Acord: known standards for communication between (whether or not internal) system.
  • Digital signature using the eID (Fedict)

Why choose us?


Why you should definitely choose Verzekeringen NV as your Fintech ICT partner:

  • We see it as our mission to make insurance down to earth. Keep everything as simple as possible, but smart is our motto.
  • Extensive experience regarding the financial, insurance and ICT industry
  • As a niche player, we have a team of specialists.
  • We always manage to roll out insurance projects from concept to final product with great efficiency.

What have we already achieved?


Througout the years we have created quite somes applications using a SaaS approach:

  • The insurance back office of the former DeltaLloyd Bank, Nagelmaeckers. Notwithstanding the fact that sometimes some of the insurers had to be switched, the end users did not encounter any obstacles.
  • The whole new productop of third-party products from DeltaLloydLife runs by our developed applications.
  • We developed software via ISure that makes it possible to run an underwriting agency.
  • We developed a pricing application that allows us to program and maintain rates. Rates can easily be linked to new applications.
  • All our applications can be integrated into the management packages like Brio, Insusoft, Sireus and Segura.
  • Assurax is our most all-round environment. Thousand of man-hours were invested in its development.

Do you want to appeal to our ICT Services?


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